Tiger Skin Granite

With its glorious and elegant design, Tiger Skin Granite has been a popular choice for both residential and commercial areas. The granite has a dark beige background with black wavy movements on its surface. The streaks look similar to the tiger skin, hence the name. Each granite is unique, adding an alluring aesthetic to your places. It is preferred for flooring, countertops, tabletops, and walls. They are ideal for exterior walls as well due to their ability to work well in different weather conditions.


Tiger Skin Granite is strong and sturdy, making it ideal for floors, walls, and countertops. The smooth surface with the alluring shine enhances the overall appearance of your places in no time. Besides this, they are highly durable and require less maintenance. Resistant to stains, scratches, and moisture is another important property of Tiger Skin Granite. Once you have installed them, they need zero to no maintenance cost.

 : 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm


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Capstone india is a top manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of premium-quality marble, granite, quartz, and other minerals. We provide top-notch varieties of both natural and artificial stones.

We have an eclectic range of all the major stones & minerals available in different types, colors, and sizes. Customization of sizes is available as well. Besides aesthetics, functionality and durability are other aspects of our products. They are sturdy, low-maintenance, and budget-friendly, ideal for places of different kinds.

With Capstone india, you can get top-notch quality, a variety of options, and the best prices.




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