Pearl Brown Granite

Pearl Brown Granite is a stunning natural stone that looks exactly like it sounds. From afar, the look is very dark brown or even blackish. It looks very uniform, and no distinctive patterns or veins can usually be seen. The granite’s bedrock is black and littered with brown mineral deposits ranging in color from a dark coffee brown to an intense red on closer inspection. Tiny white quartz deposits dot the material and prevent it from being too dark for most people’s tastes.

On the other hand, granite countertops made of brown pearl are the rarest and, therefore, the most popular of the granites found across the globe. This granite belongs to this color family and has a darkish brown shade, making it beautiful and prized. It’s also equally scratch-resistant, making it an appropriate selection for countertops and hall flooring. Overall, it is heat resistant, meaning even the most heated vessel will not harm this durable stone. A collection of medium to large crystals form the base of its design, firmly compacted to create a glittering visual display. While each slab is matchless, there is a consistency in the pattern, which makes it preferred among creators wanting a consistent stone. It is truly dazzling.

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